Welcome to "Isla Bonita" Culebra

Culebra (pron. koo-LAI-brah) is one of the last undiscovered gems of the Caribbean, a magic isle surrounded by untouched coral reefs and ringed with deserted, powdery-white beaches. It lies approximately seventeen miles east of Puerto Rico and twelve miles west of Saint Thomas. With much of its adjoining reefs protected as a wildlife preserve by the US Fish and Wildlife Service, the pristine beauty awaits a selected lucky few.

This small island populated by about 2,800 friendly people is part of Puerto Rico, with easy accessibility from any part of the United States and similar currency, but without the crowds of San Juan. You will find an atmosphere of people saying hello to each other and old ways of picking up hitchhikers and leaving doors unlocked, rarely seen in other places.

Swim, snorkel or scuba in crystal-clear waters, explore rare flora and fauna found nowhere else in the world. The magic island paradise you have dreamed about is waiting for you on Culebra.

Information taken from: ToPuertoRico.Org